Apricot Kernels

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Apricot Kernel Capsules come under the NuMe Supplements umbrella. All of our supplement products are of premium quality and made under supervised conditions where stringent standards must be upheld. You can shop our other natural supplements here.

Apricot Kernels come from the seeds inside the apricot’s stone. These seeds contain amygdalin, a very healthy nutrient that has a wealth of positive benefits for you. Benefits include helping lower blood pressure to promoting balanced cholesterol, aiding digestion, helping with building healthy bones and muscle as well as arming your immune system so it effectively fights against infection. For more on what Apricot Kernel Supplements can do for your health, click here.

Yes, they are completely safe to use as a supplement.

Each of our powerful Apricot Kernel Capsules contains 500mg of raw, ground apricot kernel. We believe ours to be the best Apricot Kernel Capsules on the market.

We recommend taking one Apricot Kernel Capsule per day. If you notice an upset stomach, headache or other side effect, you might have consumed too many Apricot Kernel Capsules, so reduce the amount.

It is perfectly safe to take B17 with Apricot Kernel Capsules but consume them at separate times of the day. If you notice any side effects such as an upset stomach, headache or dizziness, then you might be taking too much B17, reduce the dose.

There are no known side effects unless you take too many capsules at once, then you might experience an upset stomach, headache of dizziness.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Yes our kernels are air dried, shelled and packed so all the goodness stays firmly locked in!

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