Apricot Kernels

About Apricot Kernels and Vitamin B17

Taking Apricot Kernels Supplement daily can help to improve your health and wellbeing. Our 100% natural Apricot Kernels contain a variety of wondrous nutrients, particularly a new vitamin, B17. You may have noticed that this vitamin is hotly debated! To some people, it’s indeed a vitamin, to others it’s not quite a vitamin. However, it definitely contains an abundance of essential nutrients that can have a profound effect on your health. As well as B17, Apricot seeds contain other antioxidant vitamins. There is, A and E along with a generous helping of magnesium and potassium. Furthermore, iron all essential for the body’s overall function.

About Apricot Kernels and Vitamin B17

The vitamin B17 is the name for the extract that is derived from Apricot Kernels.  Transformed into a natural substance that is also referred to by its scientific term, amygdalin. It has a number of incredible health benefits.  You may have read that B17 or amygdalin could b good for helping to fight cancer. The research isn’t yet proven but amygdalin has been used since the 1800’s as an anti-cancer agent.  There are recent positive case studies that show it can kill cancer cells in certain cancer types.  Click here for more information (https://www.cancerresearchuk.org/about-cancer/cancer-in-general/treatment/complementary-alternative-therapies/individual-therapies/laetrile). If you are undergoing cancer treatment, do not stop your treatment in favour of taking vitamin B17. Please note that we do not provide medical claims with regard to Apricot Kernels. We strongly suggest you discuss any cancer-related treatment with your doctor or medical practitioner.

Apricot Kernels for Energy Boosting

For more energy, Apricot Kernels can give you a welcome boost so you feel refreshed and ready to go without any jitters!

Apricot Kernels for Good Detoxification

Apricot Kernels can also help the body with detoxing. Thus encouraging it to get rid of toxins and impurities that may be impacting on your ability to function to the optimum.

Apricot Kernels for Anti-Inflammatory Abilities

Amygdalin has been involved in various studies and is known for its anti-inflammatory effects.  It can bolster your immune system so it fights efficiently against infection and viruses.

Apricot Kernels for Lower Cholesterol

An excellent source of natural fibre, use Apricot Kernel Capsules to help maintain healthy blood cholesterol.  Apricot Kernels are rich in soluble fibre, this combines with fatty acids once it has dissolved. Then turning into a sticky substance that is excreted through waste.  Lower blood cholesterol is important in helping to prevent heart attack and stroke.

Apricot Kernels for a Healthy Heart

Our Apricot Kernel Supplements are excellent source of Omegas 3 and 6. All essential fatty acids that work hard to ward off heart disease helping to protect against heart attack and stroke.

Apricot Kernels for Positive Mental Health

The wealth of vitamins and nutrients in each Apricot Kernel Capsule can also bolster positive mental health.   The generous omega 3 content is known as a mood enhancer. Consequently,  studies tell us that omega 3 can have a positive effect on mental health. Also reducing depression and anxiety.

Apricot Kernels for Stronger Muscular Health

Apricot Kernels contain protein, essential for muscle growth and repair. Ingesting protein boosts muscle growth and aids in recovery post-workout or following injury.  Suitable for men and women (not suitable for children or use in pregnancy). Our Apricot Kernels Supplement can encourage better muscle health and healthy tissue.

Apricot Kernels for Great Skin

Antioxidant vitamin E plays an important role in the quest for healthy skin. Our Apricot Kernel Capsules contain a generous amount of this wonder-vitamin.  Vitamin E helps to fight against attack from the sun, industrial fumes, smoke. it helps other outside elements that breakdown the skin’s elasticity and collagen stores.  Give yourself a helping hand and promote better, plumper, clearer skin.  Using Apricot Kernels you bolster the skin’s natural attacking system. Ultimately preventing the formation of fine lines, deep wrinkles and sun spots. Apricot Kernels can also give your skin the added benefit of improved hydration levels so your complexion looks firmer, smoother and more youthful.

Apricot Kernels for Better Immunity

These superfood supplements can bolster your immune system as they are armed with a fusion of powerful vitamins. These act as antioxidant and deliver an anti-inflammatory effect. They can help to stimulate the body’s own defence system so it works well when fighting against infection.

Apricot Kernels for Good Digestion

High in fibre, Apricot Kernel Supplements can help to improve digestion, reduce bloating and flatulence and encourage easier stool movements.  Containing benzaldehyde this acts as a natural antiseptic with analgesic qualities, excellent for reducing stomach pain.

Apricot Kernels for Better Respiratory Health

There are super respiratory health benefits associated with Apricot Kernels and some studies show that the ingredients may act as expectorants, increasing secretions in airways.  So, taking Apricot Kernels could help your body fight against throat inflammation, prevent asthmatic attack and encourage less susceptibility to allergens.

Apricot Kernels: Understanding Cyanide and Benzaldehyde

Whenever you take a new supplement, no doubt you conduct extensive research and you might have come across negative press surrounding cyanide and benzaldehyde, present in Apricot Kernels.  Amygdalin (or Vitamin B17) contains two glucose molecules, the molecules that deliver tremendous health benefits but there are other components too, namely cyanide and benzaldehyde.  In the case of Apricot Kernels these are both locked into a molecule so do not come into contact with your stomach and pass right through the body so there is no danger.  However, interestingly, studies tell us that the combination of cyanide and benzaldehyde can help to destroy cancerous cells.  Plus, benzaldehyde is a powerful compound that acts as a natural antiseptic with analgesic qualities, excellent for stomach pain and discomfort.